A time to dream. A time to rest. A time to simplify. Life itself.
PS. Check out Zen Habits for simple productivity ideas

Christopher Macquet @ photoprojectplus
Photo Credit: Simplicity by photoprojectplus

Simple Wish
It all begins with a wish
To find simplicity in your daily life

Simple Action
And willing yourself to step away from the chaos
To find peace & certainty with your actions

Simple Work
By breaking down huge drowning stressful tasks into manageable little pieces
By focusing on what’s important & simply get things done almost like automagic

Simple Rewards
And then feeling good for each step you take
Rewarding yourself for each accomplishment

Simple Days
Knowing that each day you are making a difference, simply
By doing & giving what you do best

Simplification. Makes even the maths of life appear irresistibly sexy.

How can you simplify your life?

10 thoughts on “Simplification

  1. Hmm..
    Perhaps its not about making life simplier, coz it never is..
    Perhaps its more about acceptance tat life is hard..
    Perhaps we should be thinking about how to cope wif it… Strategise!
    by being Alert and Prevent of future problems,
    Manage immediate problems quickly and professionally,
    and Do damage control when needed B-)


    Like some1 i know who ordered KAmpung Fried Rice and found out its filled with kangkung which she despises :p Cough* cough* see Life would be so much Simpler if she just told the chef earlier she didnt want kangkung instead of picking em out 1 by 1 :p so fun~ cough* cough*

    *senses danger* *runs and takes cover*

  2. @sandy: *nominates you for best simple solutions giver* =)

    @jem: to be truly ourselves. maybe sometimes we yearn & search too hard?

    @kyels: ~like a roller coaster ride

    @pet: it can be?! keke

    @bb: gasp! we are thinking alike? 😛

    @wsg: acceptance. mmm. learning about damage control more since spending more time with your gf 😉
    (o/t: lol @ kangkung stories – wonders where she is XD)

  3. @Stev: Prevention is better then cure 😉 Anyway so far there has been minimal need for damage control with her le :p

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