Hope & Politics

Photo Credit: Yasmin Ahmad (yasminthestoryteller.blogspot.com)

At a time when politics appears to be filled with a lot of mud-slinging & political uncertainty. At a time when we are worried about foreign investments, our economy (the expected inflation rate of 5.5-6% scares me honestly) & governing uncertainties. We peer to our neighbors with the fear that riots & demonstrations become a norm (instead of it simply being BBC repeating the same footage repeatedly ;))

Yet there is hope. Not one grounded in falseness & being mere fleeting dreams. But a hope in the process of democracy in the country. Of one that the two (major) opposing political camps all have a role to play in the check-balance of power. That the constant bickering & mud-slinging are all part of the process towards the best possible result for the majority. Yes it will be messy at times. Yes the media (both official & unofficial) plays an increasingly important role in how the public perceives reality. Yet it’s all part of the process to make headway despite the political murkiness.

The Great Unifying Divide
We look at both sides of the great divide & see many examples of politicians who actually do walk the talk. Both youthful politicians getting their feet wet in political drama & the tempered experience of the few respected older gentlemen who have been around for a while (minus those who missed their exit queue we hope).

Reforms Not Reformation
We look at reforms not in the sense of ‘reformation’ as sudden change will definitely brings about uncertainty & chaos. But gradual change by having an unwavering goal/objectives yet making it happen in small purposeful steps:-
– Education focused towards the challenges of a global economy & retaining talent
– Unity echoing this year’s independence theme as we become more alike
– Safety as we safeguard freedom while clamping down extremism & violence
– Energy & food self-sustainability as we face the challenges of mother earth
– Wise investments, accountable spending & killing off corruption

Happy Independence Day
It’s more than just symbolism. It’s more than just flags (controversial this season). It’s more than raging against the system. It’s more that just controversies & conspiracies. It’s about who & what you are, and what it actually means to you being a Malaysian.

How do you identify yourself with your country?

10 thoughts on “Hope & Politics

  1. Good question, Stev. Patriotism is more than flag-waving and “my country right or wrong.” For me, identifying with my country means loving my family and sharing in an optimism that things can get better.

  2. damm it stev, damm it! everytime i read your post at least 2 times before replying comment. i like this post very much. sob sob~ finally i see touching independence day article in here among my friends. i just want peace and harmony, rich and wealth, freedom and democracy.

  3. Patriotism … There are many ways to define what it is and various actions to show how patriotic we are but honesty all of us are not very patriotic – at least that’s what I think.

  4. America can once again become a world leader–in green energy technology. We must just give up the oil-drenched dream of yesteryear and face reality.

    I have nominated your blog for the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award.

  5. Quote:
    “It’s more than just symbolism.
    It’s more than just flags (controversial this season).
    It’s more than raging against the system. It’s more that just controversies & conspiracies. It’s about who & what you are, and what it actually means to you being a Malaysian.”

    @Stev: It’s about the holidays!!! BEing Malaysian means having more holidays in a year then any other country!! Means Less WOrk and More Play!!!!! >: ) *evil grin*

  6. @sandy: family & optimism – two very important building blocks for every country & individual indeed

    @bb: largely shared sentiments with you my friend 😉

    @bz-bee: keke. was this post very patriotic too? hmm hmm

    @kyels: i wld strongly believe that those with lived to witness independence as it happened have a much different notion then we do. still… do think we have pride & believe in our country & men to varying extents

    @cybercelt: fully agreed on the need to grow green for ourselves, mother earth & generations to come.

    @wsg: keke. kinda true. although some companies in certain countries get to take long paid sabbaticals which when counted out i hear kinda equals to our vast holidays 😛

    @pet: merdeka! :>

    @cybercelt/pet: err… thanks for the nomination ^^

  7. If I told you what I honestly thought of my country I would probably alienate both of my readers (one of whom is me). Suffice it to say that it is an interesting relationship.

  8. @Whatever: Came across your comment while clicking random post on my own blog 😛

    mmm. well. from your comment though hints that you may be more patriotic than the average citizen in your country that you would comment about it? Anger > Apathy

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