Staying Positive

Work has been… challenging of late. But deep down I know that with everyone, we can overcome the current challenges & even become better from the experience. Post Updated: Sep 21
Photo Credit: Positive by insightof

– Listen when others speak, it is important to empathize & understand
– Seek advise when required – counsel makes a good decision even better
– Have an open mind as everything in it has a grain of truth somewhere…
– Listen to your heart, as your subconscious often knows best
– The #1 person who needs to believe in you is none other than yourself

– Face everything with a clear mind; Unclutter, compartmentalize & focus
– Know what’s at stake, this gives you better judgment of the situation
– Remember to focus on people – The human touch is most often most important
– Have faith
– Life’s challenges are there for a reason & you will persevere

Move Forward
– Do not dwell on the past as wallowing or cursing comes to naught
– Be yourself; Don’t let your past experiences be a bitter curse on thyself
– Plan ahead & keep moving forward, else you are falling behind
– Dream, For what is men without dreams & mountains to climb
– The journey of a thousand miles is by placing one step ahead of one step

How did/are you coping with adversity?