Staying Positive

Work has been… challenging of late. But deep down I know that with everyone, we can overcome the current challenges & even become better from the experience. Post Updated: Sep 21
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– Listen when others speak, it is important to empathize & understand
– Seek advise when required – counsel makes a good decision even better
– Have an open mind as everything in it has a grain of truth somewhere…
– Listen to your heart, as your subconscious often knows best
– The #1 person who needs to believe in you is none other than yourself

– Face everything with a clear mind; Unclutter, compartmentalize & focus
– Know what’s at stake, this gives you better judgment of the situation
– Remember to focus on people – The human touch is most often most important
– Have faith
– Life’s challenges are there for a reason & you will persevere

Move Forward
– Do not dwell on the past as wallowing or cursing comes to naught
– Be yourself; Don’t let your past experiences be a bitter curse on thyself
– Plan ahead & keep moving forward, else you are falling behind
– Dream, For what is men without dreams & mountains to climb
– The journey of a thousand miles is by placing one step ahead of one step

How did/are you coping with adversity?

17 thoughts on “Staying Positive

  1. How am I coping with adversity? Lately, excercise. And research & networking.

    I’ve learned that things can get better, I can get stronger. We are all powerful beyond out wildest dreams.

  2. @meg: exercise most certainly does help in many works (problem is with work-stress that time for exercise becomes harder to dig out – a deadly spiral!) Looks like u have a very healthy dose of positivity =)

    @bz~bee: both simultaneously?

  3. Coping with adversity? Simple. Just make sure the authorities cannot find the bodies 8-P.

    I’d like to say “Endure. And in enduring grow strong.” but I don’t believe that. Something close, however, is that often times I don’t realize how much I actually can endure. There have often been times when I’ve done something I didn’t think I could because I simply did not have the motivation.

    Therefore, I suppose I would revise my quote to “Challenges: if they don’t kill you, they make you stronger. Mostly though, they kill you.”

  4. @sandy: thanks for the reminder to πŸ™‚

    @whatever: keke. i hear your own backyard under a fountain’s a good place.
    very true too on challenges being you kill them or them killing you πŸ˜›

  5. I am not sure I have any one way of coping with adversity. I think the best way is to cross the bridge when you come to it. Living in the present and dealing with the situation by giving your best is the best way I feel!

  6. Hey, Stev.
    Coping with adversity….This post also reminds me of my brother-in-law’s words on the matter: be honest and be at peace with yourself. Then you come out in one piece!

  7. I abide by these 5 simple rules:

    1. Look at LOVE all around coz indeed, loves makes the world go round; keepin it spinnin πŸ˜‰

    2. Share with someone – an encouragement goes a loooonng way

    3. Groove along to life’s beat – heck, we can’t be jiggin to the same ol’ tune

    4. Know that ultimately, all things work together for good (to those who have been called according to His purpose)

    5. Psychoanalyze myself and/or seek Stev for counselling??!!! XD

  8. @neo: mmm. not worry about possible mishappenings is a good point as well. to life in the present & make best with come what may!

    @sandy: *chuckles* honesty & peace to come out alive in one piece

    @pearl:agreed with #1-4
    not so sure bout #5 though πŸ˜› maybe to be psychoanalyzed by you? πŸ˜‰ and i’ve now become a counselor too?! gasp! XD

  9. I book marked this post because I think it’s a great one. The sentence that caught my attention today is: – Have an open mind as everything in it has a grain of truth somewhere…
    Thanks, Meg

  10. walao eh~ u got almost all i wanted to say! i would like to emphasize in:

    1. focus and concerntrate when we are doing something

    2. listen more, learn more, read more, write more

    3. never argue or complain with someone if you think you cannot change the way they think, save your time, have a good rest. after that, do it quickly to achieve your target before that person notice, hehe~

    4. execute, execute, execute!

  11. @meg: mmm. i see. thanks for the clarification.

    @kyels: well said! πŸ˜‰

    @bb: very good points indeed. esp like #2 & #3. and have been trying to do more of #1 as well!

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