The way she smells. The way she shivers and responds to your touch. The way she gently trustingly stares into your eyes. The way you hear her call your name softly playfully. The way you share something special…

Pearl Heart
Photo Credit: Pearl Heart by Lyin Ryan

Anything Under the Sun
The hours seem to fly by unbelievably fast. Talking. Laughing. Sharing. Asking. Gently probing. Answering. About any topic. At any place. At any time. Thinking aloud. Baring your heart & soul. Sharing both your dreams & fears.

The sun is warm but not burning. The skies are blue with white puffy clouds. The world is your oyster. And there’s no where else you’d rather be & with no one else you’d rather be with.

Even the Most Mundane
Be it mundane topics. Or people most others would find boring. Each individual has their own thoughts, feelings & world view. Their own unique experiences in life.

So much that we can learn. If only we truly listened. If only we had real conversations. To be interested in people. To be living for right now at the moment always.

Learning from Sharing
And as we share. We learn from each other. About each other.

Thus we slowly grow. Sharing moments together. Heading forward on this journey of a lifetime. Slowly yet surely. One step by one step at a time.

Why is sharing your thoughts & feelings important? To whom did you last had a real conversation with & why was it this particular person out of the billions of people out there?