Michael Stephen

Have been busy in between work, starting MBA studies & the love of my life (her & not baking), with a home-based baking venture =) Also this post deviates a bit from norm as touches a bit on personal stuff & family. Hmm.

Photo Credit: Ironman Bakes a Cake by lovely-mint-jelly

What is Michael Stephen?
A place where goodies are freshly baked specially for You! =D And the list of goodies include Breads, Cakes, Cheesecakes, Cookies, Pasties, Kueh, Food, Snacks, etc… Simply let us know what you want & when you want it – and we’ll do the rest of the magick!

The Michael Stephen Story
Approx 1-year since the previous food business attempt started (and ended). This time around the focus would not be on profits but for my dad who retired this year to fill his time while doing something he enjoys (in between playing samurai sudoku, gardening, household improvements & playing with the grand-kids).

Get Michael Stephen Today!
Check out the site/blog. Leave us a comment. And place an order for fresh wholesome delish goodness! =)

Michael Stephen
A place for Food & Life!!


15 thoughts on “Michael Stephen

  1. May MY.Bakes be blessed with HIS Blessings always. 🙂

    Btw, is it possible for me to order from where I am or do I still have to salivates & drools at the pictures only??? 😦

    Been longing to try the moist fruitcake. *sigh*

  2. @chao: lol. no wai 😉

    @jem: thanks for the blessings =)
    mmm. well transportation would be the only challenge actually. still maybe we can explore freeze-wrapping & mailing over? feel free to drop me an email with any suggestions!

  3. @pplizard: gasp! it’s a health violation! XD
    (we checked and found out that because iron man’s maid from stainless steel so he’s exempt…)

  4. Stephen!! Forgive my ignorance but erm…have you decided to become a baker now or something? I think I am definitely missing out on something here but am not entirely sure what it is. =) Anyway the cakes look awesome! Esp the fruitcake (and that is saying something considering I HATE fruitcake!). So could I make an order for my mum? How would I pay you if I did? This is fun! 🙂

  5. @cybercelt: thanks. have a great thanksgiving too =)

    @stephanie: *chuckles* i actually bake a little

    However (full disclaimer), this time around the baking is largely done by my father who retired this year & is looking for something to spend free time doing something he enjoys

    glad you like the fruitcake (it often does wow the non-fruitcake believers :P)

    sures of course. mmm. can always be cash on receipt of goodies ^^

  6. Okiess….i’ll just send my mum some money over christmas and she can use that to pay you. I will order closer to x’mas ok.

    So you’re not the baker then *cheh*. Haha…but that’s pretty adventurous of your dad! He is living my dream! Kudos to him! I have always wanted to open a bakery but don’t have the capital to do so (nor the baking expertise either!)

  7. wow… my.bakes is cool… and i also checked out the food listing and it looks awesome… 🙂 will definitely try this one day when i go back to Penang to visit my in-laws 😉

  8. @baby angel: tx! looking forward to you in Pg =)

    @chao: good idea that. will work on it & put it up soon to share.
    Update: Buttons Love is now available on MY.Bakes! ^^

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