There’s just no i in Mssng You

To her
Photo Credit: Love by jan-ex

Closing eyes we vividly see
The point we met in history

Sharing our hearts, minds & thoughts true
The spark ignites to loving you

Distance, time & challenges faced
We not only passed – it was aced!

Becoming yours & you be mine
Life, love & happiness divine

Around the world in eight days
Nightly across the seven seas

Through storm clouds & choppy water
Through spring autumn magic splendor

A single set of footprints seen
Walking together love serene

Moving forward each passing day
Slowly surely our love to stay

As we put us before own need
With peace & prayer our guiding lead

Thus that’s why this phrase is so true
There’s just no i in mssng you

How would you describe your journey with your significant other?

Giving & Sharing for Yourself

Had been traveling some to embrace my other half. Also occupied with work, commencing MBA studies, & the Online Bakery. Still, it’s time to slow down to accomplish more. Paradoxical, quite.

The Fragile by ShienOokami
Photo Credit: The Fragile by ShienOokami

Giving Your All
When you know that you’ve given your all. And still thing’s don’t turn out as they should. Do we slog even harder. Do we do or die to ensure that we sacrifice ourselves to make things right?

Like most things though the answer lies in the center of balance. We must of course take ownership & do things right including following through. Yet at the same time we need worry needlessly or kill ourselves (figuratively) if things don’t go right.

There is no point pushing pointlessly like the saw with dull blades on a giant balak (meaning: tree). Best to rest. And then only refocus & get it going! =)

“No one is strong enough to bear his burdens alone”

Learning to share one’s burden with others. To rejoice with those who are rejoicing. To grief with those who are grieving. Trusting in others. Sharing your worries & fears.

And with just a simple act, we can better face tomorrow with a smile on our faces & confidence in our hearts.

It’s all in the mindset & our approach. To be at peace despite the problems we face from the leaking sink to running out of moolah before your next paycheck 😉

Focus not on what is wrong & not right. But instead focus on what is good & what should be done right.

Stay positive both outside & even more importantly inside through the many challenges that life has to throw us.

How do you handle seemingly impossible-like situations in life/work/etc?