Giving & Sharing for Yourself

Had been traveling some to embrace my other half. Also occupied with work, commencing MBA studies, & the Online Bakery. Still, it’s time to slow down to accomplish more. Paradoxical, quite.

The Fragile by ShienOokami
Photo Credit: The Fragile by ShienOokami

Giving Your All
When you know that you’ve given your all. And still thing’s don’t turn out as they should. Do we slog even harder. Do we do or die to ensure that we sacrifice ourselves to make things right?

Like most things though the answer lies in the center of balance. We must of course take ownership & do things right including following through. Yet at the same time we need worry needlessly or kill ourselves (figuratively) if things don’t go right.

There is no point pushing pointlessly like the saw with dull blades on a giant balak (meaning: tree). Best to rest. And then only refocus & get it going! =)

“No one is strong enough to bear his burdens alone”

Learning to share one’s burden with others. To rejoice with those who are rejoicing. To grief with those who are grieving. Trusting in others. Sharing your worries & fears.

And with just a simple act, we can better face tomorrow with a smile on our faces & confidence in our hearts.

It’s all in the mindset & our approach. To be at peace despite the problems we face from the leaking sink to running out of moolah before your next paycheck πŸ˜‰

Focus not on what is wrong & not right. But instead focus on what is good & what should be done right.

Stay positive both outside & even more importantly inside through the many challenges that life has to throw us.

How do you handle seemingly impossible-like situations in life/work/etc?

20 thoughts on “Giving & Sharing for Yourself

  1. Impossible situations? After I sleep to avoid them, go for a walk to avoid them, get myself busy to avoid them, I take them on a little at a time without looking back.

  2. @sandy: not letting it affect you & handling them one at a time. sounds like a superb plan!

    @jem: mmm. short yet simply profound eh?

    @cybercelt: true in believing & knowing that it will work out =)

  3. Question
    How do you handle seemingly impossible-like situations in life/work/etc?


    10 steps to solve problems. (works for all; Life/Work/Play/etc. )

    1.)First u Gaze stupidly at it and curse ur awful luck! X-(

    2.)Second; keep quite.

    3.) Look around to see any gullible fools u can push the problem to >:)

    4a.) If u see a gullible fool push the problem to him swiftly, nicely n sweetly πŸ˜‰ Flirting may be required depending on their and your sexual preferences πŸ˜‰

    4b.) If FAil to push it to some1 else or No Gullible idiots around u, then grumble to ur good mates/girlfriends/boyfriends! in desperate hope they will help u with it :p

    4c.) However in the worst possible scenario that u have to D.I.Y then move on to step 5.

    5.) Think about it for a moment……………………………………
    …………………………………….then go out and play dota with ur friends B-)

    6.) Once home. Think a lil more about it b4 brushing ur teeth and going to sleep πŸ˜€

    8.)Learn to count!

    9.) Early in the morning now look at the problem from a wide perspective (aka Birds eye view; any bird tat can fly pls… no ostriches or penguins -_-” ) and Tactfully strategise a plan to solve it in the best possible way.

    10.) Even if u Fail to complete Step 9
    or overslept and totally Forgot to do Step 9
    or was just too plain Lazy to do step 9
    or didnt read Step 9
    or cant read Step 9
    or failed to google and understand Step 9

    Then u……..Stand Tall!! Stand Proud!! Glare Menacingly at the problem straight in the eye (face, nose, ear or watever tat suits ur liking) with unwavering belief + courage in urself, NOW! Clench ur teeth!! and Charge Full Speed Ahead at it!!

    Good Luck!


  4. i think if it’s something you want to do.. you’ll definitely give more time and effort. i’ve been doing my camp stuff in office lately . and usually because you have that eagerness and enthusiasm to give it all. sometimes i’d kill myself just to get it done… extremist πŸ˜› coz i want it to be perfect.

    yes, occasionally other things are a hair pulling situation. but because it’s something you want the best and willing to overlook and forget the not-so-nice things that happened earlier as the results in the end is paid off.

    i wish i’d had more passion for work. cant say the same for it.

    and im still trying to find ways to share. or at least stop taking it all on myself with responsibilities or burdens. it really sux when things are not done and i’d kick myself passing it to others, thinking they’ll get things done but in the end you’d do it yourself. from home to outside. bleagh!

  5. this Suxx T_T i posted twice and its still moderated T_T i bet Stev must be trying to prevent his “Dark Secrets” from being exposed to Vivian :p cough~* cough~*

  6. @wsg: thanks for sharing your approach via your essay (& that’s why it got mod. keke)
    *chuckles* stop making me appear dark & mysterious πŸ˜‰

    @chao: passion/enthust does make a whole lot of diff!
    sharing is almost always good too =)

  7. Practice Yoga – which helps on the relaxation. But I don’t do that.

    And…all problem has the solution, but whether you want to tackle it or not!

  8. @wsg: i bet you got too much time at home and that’s why you’re able to come up with something that long…

    but hey, it’s a fun read! i bet #5 would be your first solution πŸ˜›

    @ petrina: you hit a nail on! true.. sometimes i guess we just get too lazy to get it tackled or just let it be.

    yoga… hmm… deviant exercise that has hindu origins. LOL!

  9. @wsg: lol. thanks i guess?!

    @pet: exercise as the root of all solutions eh? ^^
    hmmm. true. whether we wanna spend time dwelling on it… or just stare meanly at it as prescribed by dr goh above πŸ˜‰

    @chao: (so right on #5 for wsg :P)

  10. Hello steve, how are you doing? Dang dang dang dang~ This is bb community from Just to inform that i’ve back to my blog again and i wish you could enjoy reading over there. Oops, just to remind that the World’s Largest Blogroll has move to as well.

    Have a nice day!

  11. @Chao: Gasp! How did u know i was so free? :p
    p.s thx :p it was just a sudden spur of inspiration to write tat :p

    @Stev/Chao: hmm it depends on wat kind of “Exercises” πŸ˜‰ and no.5 applies to alot of ppl ok? :p ask Huan :p and stev! dont deny it! u would do the same too :p

  12. (@bb: *waves hello* noted on the blogroll =)

    @wsg: benefits of a mental & physical exercise all in one eh? πŸ˜‰

    @kyels: true that about caring. thanks! it’s a wonderful journey thus far with much more to come πŸ™‚

    @pet: keke. still considered “Dr.” already. a lot of restaurants which he booked can testify to that πŸ˜›

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