There’s just no i in Mssng You

To her
Photo Credit: Love by jan-ex

Closing eyes we vividly see
The point we met in history

Sharing our hearts, minds & thoughts true
The spark ignites to loving you

Distance, time & challenges faced
We not only passed – it was aced!

Becoming yours & you be mine
Life, love & happiness divine

Around the world in eight days
Nightly across the seven seas

Through storm clouds & choppy water
Through spring autumn magic splendor

A single set of footprints seen
Walking together love serene

Moving forward each passing day
Slowly surely our love to stay

As we put us before own need
With peace & prayer our guiding lead

Thus that’s why this phrase is so true
There’s just no i in mssng you

How would you describe your journey with your significant other?

15 thoughts on “There’s just no i in Mssng You

  1. Phenomenal! Never imagined sharing my life with a man i thought only exists in fairytales or lalaland… *lovesigh* =)

  2. Stev,
    I couldn’t have said it better, beautiful poem!

    I read this quote from Leo Buscaglia on Love last evening that I think you can appreciate:

    “A wife says to her husband (or vice versa), “Do you love me?” “Of course,” he replies. “I’ve been married to you for twenty years, haven’t I?” How satisfied would we be if we presented someone with a vintage wine and, asking his opinion of it, he replied, “I’m drinking it, aren’t I?” Love still needs expression between those who share it.”

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