A New Year, Quite Different

Christmas & New Year was with my beau in KL & Langkawi. Interesting how things panned out. Mmm…

Photo Credit: Secres2009 by fragilesimplicity

New Year Blessings
That instead of looking at lofty goals this year. To look simply within ourselves. And count our many blessings many-fold. To give thanks for all the we have. Countless blessings.

The Measure of a Year
Is not within the act of finding meaning. But in putting our best foot forward each day. For growing. For learning. For passion & loving. To have goals yet not strict deadlines. To have plans but not immobile timelines. A journey. A living adventure.

Into 2009
With a skip & jump. To dance not only like no one’s watching, but rather to dance in joy & jubilation knowing that everyone is! (I’m obviously speaking metaphorically here since I have two left feet). 2009: An excellent vintage I’m sure.

How important are resolutions & goals for New Year?

15 thoughts on “A New Year, Quite Different

  1. Making resolutions is easy.
    Keeping them is hard.
    Some are even forgotten before the year’s up.

    These days, I just live in HOPE & FAITH. That keeps me going.

    GOD BLESS! πŸ™‚

  2. Resolutions and goals are very important as they act as a guide and prevent us from getting lost in this big bad world. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Happy New Year, 2009!

  3. resolutions and goals are important things we need to set and evaluate constantly. specifically for the new year, not important at all but that event is always a good reminder for us to think abt the goals we have or should have πŸ™‚

    yay 2009!

  4. Happy New Year! I myself don’t make resolution, just because it can be kinda upsetting when you don’t keep it. But, I do have plans for this 2009.

    Erhh… are plans consider new year resolution?

  5. No resolutions for me. I have started a “bucket list” of things I want to see and do before I leave this Earth. It works for me.

    Have a blessed week.

  6. @alice: happy 2009! true & every day at that!

    @jem: i think i saw the stats for resolutions being kept more than 3-weeks was pretty low πŸ˜‰ Well, looks like you’re living it daily =D

    @blue panther: i share a similar perspective with resolutions (or goals rather) acting as a guide
    *chuckles at the big bad world reference*

    @andreeeeea: setting, updating & reviewing our goals every a while’s always good. still a new year is a nice place to start =)
    ps. i had to count the “e”s =P

    @sandy: happy new year! mmm. a wishlist of our important needs & wants. nice.

    @pet: keke. dont be so hard on yourself? plans = yes they are πŸ˜‰

    @cybercelt: good idea. maybe should start one too other than current goals. hmm…

    @pplizard: daisies lover? πŸ˜‰ keke. nice goals esp #2 ^^

    @kyels: thanks – and an excellent one to you too!

  7. 1. new template liao wor, very nice!

    2. hmmm, now i try not to think too much lo, fast fast make decision, then go ahead and do it lo, although a lot of mistakes will be made, but, haha, like what u said, life la, it’s a growing journey lo~

    3. and talking about our dream, u know i like movie right? i’ve just finished my first video ads, go check out my blog when u r convenient, ok? hhee~

    4. and for the cake n biscuit, i’ll try contact u if i can pay a visit to penang on next CNY holiday (saturday)

    *must go watch my video ads o!!!

  8. Wow I love this!

    Just passed by from BYBS and I’m new here. If you come visit my blog you see that I’m bit obsessed with my name! Ha! I just live with it.

    Hope you come visit some time! Have a Great week!

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