And the Human Touch

Categories have been better aligned (1 post in 1 category only) & there’s a new category under “Love” as we expect to expand more posts in that category in the future. Also will be going through some previous unpublished drafts (from last year) and putting them up.

Photo Credit: xLittleWingx

It’s Only Words
Yet they have such a profound effect on all those around us. Sticks & stones may break our bones, yet the author’s pen or the poet’s word carries even more. The words we use. What we say. How we say it…

Let It Be Natural
Yet the key would be to remain natural. To speak your mind. To let honesty be what moves you forward. To laugh, delight, share and explore with your fellow men…

Reaching Out
To touch another person’s life, especially your loved ones. To build a human bridge that links one individual to another. For when the bulk of our communication is non-verbal, we sure would need to look beyond words to communicate…

It’s not the touch… but your personal human touch
That makes the difference

How important is “real” communication in day-to-day life?


9 thoughts on “And the Human Touch

  1. with the new category… i wonder if there’ll be less lalang growing wildly here…. πŸ˜›

    how real can “real” communication be? speak it (and i dont mean just verbally) at the right time, right situation and when it helps the most.

  2. Even when words are not exchanged, I would give my mum lots of hugs ‘coz they are an expression of love without words. They are necessary for emotional growth & well-being.

    Human touch is what connects us spiritually & physically to others.

    Stev, I hope you give & receive lots of hugs in your blesssed life.

  3. @bee: true that communication forms the most important basis to many things (cny was good! =)

    @chao: mmm. yeah maybe we should do less pondering about it & just let things be truly, fully au natural πŸ˜‰
    (posts will be as & when struck by a mood to write though :P)

    @jem: and truly possibly hugs & human touches are more important than any other form of communication

    @sandy: funny yet true how the human touch is spread online by blogging. love your description “Pure, distilled genuine communication”

  4. @chao: I totally agree wif u! Things in this world MUST be Full and Natural!! :p

    @Stev: Communication is an Art not mastered by many :p as u can see in my previous statement above to chao :p words presented differently give different meanings :p

  5. The quote shared by CyberCelt is so true! Methinks real conversation and actual exchange of ideas is almost a lost art in today’s fast-paced society where so many folks are plugged into technology rather than attending to one another … but I’m hopeful about a possible renaissance in communication when individuals make connection a priority.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. @cybercelt: *chuckles* we all tend to fall into that trap so aptly described by GBS.

    @wsg: so it’s not only beauty but words in the eye of the beholder as well? πŸ˜‰

    @storyteller: truly looking forward to this renaissance as well bridging the human disconnect =)

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