Talking. To simply get a point across from one point to another.

Yet. Communication can be difficult as we all know that we each individually see things from different perspectives.

Photo Credit: priscilla~world
Photo Credit: Communication by priscilla~world

The Power Gap
Especially existent in the Asian workplace whereby we are so used to manager’s being on a totally different plateau from employees. Yet does this communication style really work begs to be asked? Consider though if a manager & his/her employee could be sitting side-by-side working together. A different set of results altogether. Respect doesn’t come with distance.

Assertive Communication

Assertive Communication = Behavior + Effects + Feelings

It’s about not being aggressive, nor passive
It’s about a balance & dialogue
It’s about being direct & focusing on the situation/effects
Yet an interesting point is knowing that putting feelings into the equation, actually makes it even more effective. The challenge would be to put in feelings, without being emotional.

Reflective Listening
“Let’s talk together”

Reflecting Listening = Paraphrase + Ask questions

Do you practice assertive communication & reflective listening in your daily life? What barriers/challenges do you face?

12 thoughts on “Communication

  1. whatever it’s said…

    …. gets interpreted wrongly.
    …. is vague, and making own conclusions
    …. gets lost in the head.

  2. Some people cannot handle assertive women. I have had bosses that discounted anything I said because I was a woman.

    I remember one boss said, “we don’t believe in empowerment around here.” He was serious.

    Life is funny.

  3. @chao: sounds like a communication minefield!

    @sandy: *chuckles* well that presents a whole new set of lovable challenges doesn’t it

    @cybercelt: whoa. that’s totally funny in a non-haha way…

  4. I prefer if you talk within the same topic at one time, else it can get kinda misinterpreted. Less interruption until the subject been talked and closed.

    But, it’s good if we can ‘know’ what our other half is saying, or complete his / her sentences. “IF”

  5. I try to communicate as well as I can. But, I have experienced that sometimes despite our best efforts we make the mistakes that you have cited in your post!

  6. I have spent the last 30 years of my life teaching people how to improve their communication skills. REcently I published “PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!” which is a handy how-to guide for those interested in learning and applying the skill of reflective listening. How rewarding it is to listen effectively! It’s the best way to show love and compassion to all those in our lives!

  7. @pet: depends a lot i believe on who you talk to. with some people it’s pretty fun with a conversation having up to 3 or 4 simultaneous threads running šŸ˜‰ Yet with others… even one can be a chore. If :>

    @neo: true. yet this diversity can be both a bane & a boon.

    @ppl: *chuckles* well… technically that could be listed as a skill as well šŸ˜‰

    @dick fetzer: congrats & definitely a good step to get more people on reflective listening, in every part of their lives & interactions with others.

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