Expectations of a Manager

The other side of the story to Expectations of a Direct Report — Interesting key points on what most people expect from their Top Managers/CEO/GM/Leaders in a company. Have a great weekend! (posted a couple of days in advance as will be busy from Friday to the weekend)

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Clear Direction
• Where the business is going, why & what are the benefits if we accomplish it
• Every quarter, the boss should get up in front of the team & explain the financial results & the progress of any operational/strategic initiative

Set Goals & Objectives
• Each person should know EXACTLY what individual goals he/she are going to be measured on over a given period & where to invest precious time
• When goals & objectives are clear, promotions & bonus decisions can be based on merit
• Morale suffers if people think there’s some mystery behind the process
• People are much happier & more comfortable when they’re working in a meritocracy

Give Frequent, Specific & Immediate Feedback
• What he does well
• What he can do better
• How he & his boss can work together to fill any gaps

Be Decisive & Timely
• Give clear, unambiguous answers
• Input from boss when there’s much time BEFORE, not when it’s last minute & having a crisis

Be Accessible
• If I expect people to keep me informed about what’s going on, I need to be available when they see me
• Most people only turn to the boss when they need help

Demonstrate Honesty & Candor
• Don’t spend too much time on how to deliver news in a diplomatic way
• Be direct, yet objective & honest

Offer an Equitable Compensation Plan
• People want to be compensated fairly, in a way that reflects their contributions & they want to understand how the compensation works

What do you expect from your boss? 😉

Expectations of an Employee

Posts have been very sporadic due to time being spent on love, MBA studies & MichaelStephen. Decided to expand the sharing of some thoughts & insights beyond colleagues/friends/clients to the blogosphere as well. As usual discourse & discussion is most welcome including whether you find these reads interesting. The following post contains key points from an interesting article on what a manager usually expects from his/her direct reports reporting to him/her.

Photo Credit: Cafe Mon Amour by Valexina
Photo Credit: Cafe Mon Amour by Valexina

Get Involved
• Delegation is very important but need to know when involvement is required
• Depends on judgment call but usually when:-
o Somebody is falling behind in his/her commitments
o When important personnel matters arise
o Conflict/crisis

Generate Ideas
• Hear what you have to say (and not what you think I want to hear)
• Even corny, funny, weird ideas – we can try it out!
• Come up with ideas as you are the best people to come up with ideas!

Collaboration/Working together
• Best if can work together & share credit
• Even if somehow you do not like someone, need to communicate & work together

Be Willing to Lead Initiatives
• Take a chance & take up challenging new projects
• It’s the best way to get noticed & climb the corporate ladder faster

Develop People as You Develop
• Take interest in your peers/subordinates expectations as in your own
• Get personally involved in performance appraisals
• Give specific & useful feedback (no ambiguity/vagueness)

Stay Current
• Read new, reports, etc & know what’s happening in the world
• Know how customers & the competition is changing
• Know how technology & world events are affecting customers strategies
• Customer relationships are an asset!

• Stay current to avoid risking a setback you should have anticipated
• The best people who are constantly looking around corners are best suited to leadership positions

Drive Your Own Growth
• Seek perpetual education & development (not only though studying, but through other people & ideas)
• Get feedback from your boss, peers & subordinates
• Accept demanding assignments & as you learn more than from cushy/simple projects

Be a Player for All Seasons
• Collaborate & offer ideas whether the company is growing with +20% profits, or -20% growth

What do you think a manager expects from his/her employees?