Our Daily Work

Have been doing Quiet Time (prayer) at Our Daily Bread both online and in book form. Yesterday’s reading struck me again on how we face each of life’s challenges – as God meant things to be. A good time to count one’s blessings.

Credit: In The Field by ~Bliitz
Photo Credit: In The Field by ~Bliitz

I have found my beloved. My other half in life. And there’s no greater blessing than her in my life. Together. Forevermore.

A supportive family. Unique it its very own way. Loving, nurturing into who I am today.

People of common interests. People who listen. People who talk & laugh. People to have discourse & discussion with. A blessing indeed. Friends unexpectedly joined together through our paths in life.

To feel happy with work in today’s world. To get back each day knowing that you have accomplished a bit more – especially if you have helped another person. To look forward. To be motivated. To plan, live & achieve.

Reaching out in many ways. To have fun. To relax. To enjoy. To reward. Simple blessings.

What are you thankful for today?

11 thoughts on “Our Daily Work

  1. I am so happy to visit here and to read these wonderful words.

    I am thankful for my daughter and for meaningful work that allows me to support her.

    God bless.

  2. This has been a big week from a nice things happening point of view. One thing I’m happy about is realizing that I can fall into the trap of being too focused on one thing: like work or whatever, and thereby forget all the other good things that are going on.

  3. @sandy: and what blessings those are indeed! =)

    @pet: family – a blessing to all of us

    @jem: and all of us could treasure our parents more like you =)

    @whatever: over-focused? mmm. can happen / lunch & yacking is always fun!

    @pearl: *hugs* love you!!

    @andrea: *chuckles*. with the weather over here – most definitely!

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