Check Pulse Pause

Birthday passed lately. Was good to celebrate with my beloved, family & friends. Moving into a new role at work. Pausing to think & relax

Credit: At peace by Stormyglen
Photo Credit: At peace by Stormyglen

Indeed interesting to see yourself age. And how the people around you tend to be filled with younger folks than you. Then you go ‘Aha’, as you realize this is what it feels like to be growing older.

A good friend asked me about my dreams. I told her about my goals which I review regularly. But she asked again, but what are your dreams?

I paused.

A good question indeed.


On what do you really want. Besides the many things that you are hoping & aiming for in life.

To have spiritual fulfillment. To have wisdom & knowledge. To be with loved ones.

Loving God. Loving your other half. Loving family. Loving friends. Loving the things that you do every day. Loving your career. Loving your free time. Loving your leisure activities. Loving the sky & the stars. Loving the fresh air you breathe & the clean water you drink.

To have found someone that you never ever thought you’d find. To be in love. Yet (hopefully) grounded in reality. To have discussions & discourse, without necessarily it all being about the planning/mundane things of everyday life. To encourage. To comfort. To grow with. To learn. About & together.

To feel that you are contributing to the environment around you. To have a sense of accomplishment. To be acknowledged for a job well done. To continue learning & exploring every day. To work together & share achievement with all those around you. To feel rewarded.

*pause for a moment* What is your most rambling thought of your own life at this moment?