On Indefinite Hiatus

Photo Credit: Sheep Sneeze by Jelligator

On indefinite hiatus here while pursuing a Masters in Business Administration until 2010 August

A very interesting journey thus far from the early days of blogging in 2004

Many new friends & many interesting discourses & discussions

Many more to come!

God bless!

On Loving

On Loving

Photo Credit: Love Making by specialsally
Photo Credit: Love Making by specialsally

To care. To feel. To sacrifice.
More than words. More than actions.

What is it to truly say you love someone.
To fall in love with her. And know that you’ll be with her for our lifetimes.

Way beyond puppy love of childhood years.
Many years past crushes & hopeful looks.

Love that is patient. Love that is kind.
Love that is understanding. Love that is divine.

Trusting. Like faith.
Loving. Like being naked.

Baring your heart and soul.
Speaking with honesty despite the difficulty.

To support in different ways. Different times.
To understand even though it’s difficult sometimes.

To reassure her often. And to place her first.
To cherish her. To love her.

How would you define love?