On Indefinite Hiatus

Photo Credit: Sheep Sneeze by Jelligator

On indefinite hiatus here while pursuing a Masters in Business Administration until 2010 August

A very interesting journey thus far from the early days of blogging in 2004

Many new friends & many interesting discourses & discussions

Many more to come!

God bless!

9 thoughts on “On Indefinite Hiatus

  1. @jem: sures =) Feel free to email/catch up offline/online

    @neo: true that, as I recall from your posts too. Time!!

    @ppl: keke. ooo. “life after blogging” – sounds scawy 😉

    @wsg: tau pun cakap. “finally come online” ish. where hast thou disappeared to for so long? =)

  2. @somebodicea: i would guess that to be (technically) true =) Congrats!!
    final exam paper on sustainable corporate strategy is on the very last day of July. Graduation ceremony’s going to be next year though. Unless I go to South Aus. Mmm…

  3. i don’t know if i’m jinxing my own graduation whenever i tell people “meh” whenever they congratulate me. i “meh”ed because it doesn’t feel like freedom…just yet.

    then again, my deadline (wow. dead. line) is on Friday the 13th. whee?

  4. @somebodicea: maybe it’ll start smelling like it soon 😉
    keke. well friday the 13s are quite common in our calendars.

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