It’s All About the Money

From an evening discussion a few weeks back where I did more listening than talking

Money Money by meppol

Why do we work?
Is it as simple as an exchange of our time for money?

The argument presented was that these were the most important things for us working

  • Money
  • Position
  • Environment

Generally agreed to the above list, except that I would define it as

  • Remuneration
  • Recognition
  • Self-Development

But if we were to trim the list on why we work, is money the single most important thing?
It honestly does depend very much on the individual – and no one can tell you otherwise.

For myself, self-development comes above the other factors. I am with my current employment due to the simple fact that I have and continue to have many opportunities for learning and development. Opportunities that are valuable to my personal knowledge and skills growth.

We can’t run from the fact that remuneration is important. Personally, I think it’s best with fair pay being given according to the rates offered in the industry and free-market factors. If you’d like to earn more, you can perform better, get promoted or change to a different line which pays more. As simple as that.

And a short note on recognition is that it is of course valuable as being human, it motivates us to know that our efforts are being appreciated and that we are making a difference.

Moving on though back to the question of money being the chart topper. I think it surprisingly (or unsuprisingly) depends on your outlook on life. Why are you here on earth? What are you doing every day in your life? And if you know the answer to that question, then you’d know the answer to what’s the most important thing about work.

Why do you work?


5 thoughts on “It’s All About the Money

  1. OMG, the page is back up! *cheers*

    ok… i got nothing great to answer such deep question from dis shallow brain 😛

  2. you—and everyone else who took the time to read the comment section—would probably appreciate this:

  3. @somebodicea: ahh. was about to check the email listed to decipher who this was from 😛
    mmm. interesting concepts esp on cognitive skills.
    maybe i should pay employees less now for jobs that require thinking 😛
    time for a job change to become a bricklayer!?
    or maybe we should just let everyone set their own paychecks. mmm…

    @all: Summary of video below
    Fact: Money is a motivator
    If you DON’T pay enough, people WON’T be motivated
    Learning: Pay people enough that people don’t think about money
    What people want:
    – autonomy (idea: 1day of undiluted autonomy!)
    – engagement (self-direction)
    – mastery (get better @ stuff)
    End result: Purpose + Profit Maximization + Make the world a ‘lil bit better
    (End end result: watch the video!)

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