The Study Tips

Study tips also in the top 10 style 😉 Funny that I’ve only coming up with list many years after stopping studies & re-starting again to take masters. Still hopefully this helps someone out there. I wish there was a list like these many years back. So here I try!

Photo Credit: The Study by m0thyyku

10. Study during your peak energy level time(s) (yawn)

9. Studying just before sleeping (somehow) helps retention

8.1. Read up or at least skim through before the class. It helps to be able to focus on processing what the lecturer is saying rather than trying to process alien Greek.

8.2. Read up or at least briefly review after the class. Best way to non-study study.

7. Group studies if that’s your thing (and you have the discipline) & quick bite notes.

6. Mind-mapping

5. Quickly run through the reading/chapter once. No need to re-read any sections even if you don’t understand all of it. Then only read thoroughly & highlight/underline all the key facts

4. Books (that you own) are meant to be written, notation & scribbled on. Doodling is bad. Unless you’re doing art.

3. Reward yourself on a job well done (How & when? Depends on how deep your/parents pockets are & How much you can delay instant gratification)

2. Get enough sleep (and you get to live longer too). 7-8 hours no matter whether you’re 16 or 60.

1. If you have a choice, study something you are truly interested in. The same as working, studying is hours of fun if you love the subject!

(Yes I know there are actually eleven tips) Any other excellent study trips that you’d like to add smart alley-cat? 😉

6 thoughts on “The Study Tips

  1. My sejarah teacher used to tell my class – “Ambil buku text balik rumah pi bakar sampai hanggus. Lepas tu, ambik abu buku, masak dengan air dalam periuk besar dan minum air tu”

  2. @ppl: if you burn the printed parts you end up drinking chemicals 😛
    (i once organized a bbq celebration after SPM though called ‘Burn a Book-B-Q Party’)


    i’ve to admit that works the best for me during uni (despite whatever you said about art!). little doodlings that’s related to the notes esp my communication classes where i’ve got ppl talking, lightbulbs, nescafe (cant remember what was that), onion etc.

    i also used to write on walls (covered with mahjong paper). prior to exams, i’ll just sit on my bed and read and start drawing, mapping, writing notes on the wall. hence the wall-staring 😛

  4. @chao: well drawing & mapping out things definitely work too. err… interesting study tips to on writing on walls 😛
    (doodling is bad only for totally not related doodling XD)

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