From Management to Leadership

Challenging work times since April this year. Yet I believe this desert has a purpose for my life.

Photo Credit: nurtanrioven

Apparently I’m pretty good at management/administration.
Apparently that’s not good enough for where I am now.
How do I move? From being a manager to be a leader?

Influence Others
Influence remains the biggest key here. This deals with a lot of people & relationships. Which is not exactly my strongest point. To change to focus on people. And what motivates them. For people are simply not interested in what you have to say, unless they know that you care for them as individuals.

Effective Delegation
Requires moving out of my day-to-day operational whereby right now 40+ people report to me directly. Crazy. Delegation and bringing up new leaders definitely required. Also an important lesson that when you delegate you need to get the results you want & not accept half-baked work. Otherwise people are just going to always believe you are there as the safety net resulting in neglect & ship-shod work.

Multiplication Effect
Which brings up to the multiplication effect. Just like financial investing, you need to invest in people and let it compound. To spend your time guiding & nurturing the best – to become better than you. Otherwise dragging behind you around sure ain’t fun for both yourself & the one getting dragged along.

Keeping it REAL
It’s all about:-

  • Relationships
  • Attitude
  • Leadership

What is the key difference between a manager and a leader?