Wedding Site Soft Launch

Praise the Lord for this blessed day!

We (Vivien & I) are starting this wedding site/blog as of Nov 19, 2011. The initial idea actually came about from one of the two wedding planning books we purchased a couple of weeks back. (We’ll share about this in another backdated blog post).

Viv & I felt that getting a site to document & share our journey towards our day of holy matrimony would be redoubling our joy. Also Viv plans to do wedding planning & counseling after we have kids during their formative years thus this site may serve as a reference.

Viv was smiling away earlier suddenly seeing that I was so into the planning. We had been having a few discussions in the last couple of weeks as we wanted to start planning at least a year ahead (hearing that this was a good rule of thumb). Spent a good part of the morning working on wedding planning while Viv went marketing & prepared lunch.

So to all family, friends & visitors, thank you for dropping by & helping in any way big or small make our wedding planning & upcoming actual celebration an even more memorable, wonderful & blessed one with your (virtual) presence.

Any tips for us as we are starting out with our planning process? Especially in relation to a Malaysian/Penang wedding as the guide books we got are quite Euro-American-General focused.

Cross-post with our newly minted wedding site –

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