Between Opportunities – What is Work?

Currently between opportunities. Taking time off (est. 1-2mths) to think of vocation, career & getting married to my beloved Viv. The questions below are from “48 Days to the work you love” & serve as a written record for reviewing my thoughts. Also a very good time to pick up my invisible pen again 🙂

1. Who gave you your first job? What kind of job was it? How much money did you make?
A local IT company serving MNC clients as a IT support analyst paying 21k per annum

2. From looking at your work life so far, what has been the greatest value or worth?
Learning – Business, management, people, operations, etc

3. If your job changes, does your purpose change?
Should not. Defined by overarching goals which do not change just because my job changes.

4. Do you think your current job will exist five years from now?
My last job was in business development & management. Yes, I believe there will still be demand for sales & management related positions although will be much more difficult then previously & you would need to really shine as the top.

5. What would be the key characteristics of an ideal job or career?
Continuous learning, training & development
Financially rewarding
Challenging seeing goals & achieving them

6.When you daydream, what do you see yourself doing?
Managing passive income businesses & investments with positive cashflow
Meeting & building relationships with people.

7. What have been the happiest, most fulfilling moments in your life?
Quiet personal time with God
Engagement with Viv (soon to be marriage!)
Obtaining Masters in Business Administration

8. If nothing changed in your life in the next 5 years, would that be OK?

What would you want to change in your life?