New Year, New Wishes

Yes I do realize it’s seven days after the new year 😉


I have never been one, much, for resolutions. Not that I think that they are all baloney or those people who do are. But because I have had a list of goals that have changed in both content & purpose over time.

What does 2013 hold?

An interesting realization is that I will be reaching the age starting with 3 this year. In certain ways I am ahead of the general bell curve of the world at my age. Yet as you get older, the more you realize that there is no need to compare with anyone – and maybe not even yourself. Not that I actually did since childhood years, except due to a grandfather who was constantly measuring my cousin & I in everything from height to studies. But I digress.

So What are You Doing Now?

In a society whereby we are commonly defined by our jobs, I am getting asked with reasonable frequency on what am I doing now. Oft by those who have just found out that I am no longer gainfully employed (not that I hide the fact at all, but rather then opposite). And also by many well wishing friends, etc (which I do welcome to ask me that question).

It was a good time to get married, think about vocation & what I want to do the next 10 years ahead. It was also a very good time to talk with people (still doing so!) & read many good books.

And now I have set down my main purpose to travel along the narrow (less traveled) road of entrepreneurship. And at the same time (partly for parents to assure them I will not starve, despite having set aside many months of savings, and partly for myself), I am looking to lecturing/teaching and/or writing. And in a way it does fit better this way as there are good linkages & symbiosis with entrepreneurship and teaching/writing.

So What Business are You Thinking of?

The initial focus & idea was towards setting up a bakery cum cafe (would be the 3rd time opening), but God leads me to a different direction. Thus am currently looking towards setting up a training center.

The current dilemma would be whether towards setting it up on my own, under an established experienced partner, or with a partner purely for funding. Praying about it!

Happy new year!


Have you setup a business on your own before?

What are some of the lessons you have learned?

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