About StevBlogs
StevBlogs is the public quasi-personal blog of Stev with topics generally fall into one (or more) of the following categories:-

  • Blessings: The many joys & blessings in life
  • Christian: On what matters most for our life to come
  • Reflections: Thoughts & ruminations on life & (all that) jazz
  • Rantings: Venting, hopefully humorously 😉
  • Rats Race: Life in the maze of cheese & more importantly getting out
  • Loving: Love, love, love makes the world go round…
  • Whimsical: Inane humorous nonsensical pink dancing elephunks

About the Author
Stev is a newly married soon to be 30 Penangite who originally started blogging way back when the mention of blogging was likely to conjure pictures of timber felling. After completing his MBA & reaching a senior managerial position in an IT services organization, he resigned after spending much thought & is now journeying into a new world of entrepreneurship (hopefully one that floats…). In Stev’s non-spare time, he spends quality time with God, his beloved wifey-gf-lover-bf, family, friends & coffee.

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StevBlogs being a place where we take things seriously but not very, verily welcomes chit-chat, discourse & discussion.

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