Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year

Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year (both 2012 & CNY) to one & all! 🙂
We also have a red-color theme for Christmas

Early Blessed Christmas & New Year wishes in case we don’t get a post in before the 31st

Bless Christmas & Happy New Year!

What do you really, really want for Christmas (other than your 2 front teeth)? ;B

Wedding Site Soft Launch

Praise the Lord for this blessed day!

We (Vivien & I) are starting this wedding site/blog as of Nov 19, 2011. The initial idea actually came about from one of the two wedding planning books we purchased a couple of weeks back. (We’ll share about this in another backdated blog post).

Viv & I felt that getting a site to document & share our journey towards our day of holy matrimony would be redoubling our joy. Also Viv plans to do wedding planning & counseling after we have kids during their formative years thus this site may serve as a reference.

Viv was smiling away earlier suddenly seeing that I was so into the planning. We had been having a few discussions in the last couple of weeks as we wanted to start planning at least a year ahead (hearing that this was a good rule of thumb). Spent a good part of the morning working on wedding planning while Viv went marketing & prepared lunch.

So to all family, friends & visitors, thank you for dropping by & helping in any way big or small make our wedding planning & upcoming actual celebration an even more memorable, wonderful & blessed one with your (virtual) presence.

Any tips for us as we are starting out with our planning process? Especially in relation to a Malaysian/Penang wedding as the guide books we got are quite Euro-American-General focused.

Cross-post with our newly minted wedding site –

Rest & Stress

Up & awake at 2 in the morning as wide awake. MBA completed & graduation ceremony in early July. Work transition ongoing & honeymoon period definitely over. Prescribing self a does of blog therapy.

Now would be a good as time as ever to collect things & reflect on both blessings & stressors

– Committing each & every day to God
– A very loving & supportive fiance
– Spending quality time daily with family
– Finding some time again to exercise daily (hopefully!)
– Picked up books & reading

– Work challenges due to operational hiccups with a number of clients
– Slow/no response on action items/matters requiring follow up with a few work colleagues
– … and surprisingly that’s it (expected more but is really much smaller once put into words)

Action Plan
– Meeting with client(s) & managers to try to resolve operational issues faced
– Talk with work colleagues on expectations & try to understand the challenges they face & how can I help them
– Leave work at work & focus time out of work on the things that really matter

Any other suggestions or thoughts on the issues faced?


Bought 4 of King’s books for re/reading (The Stand, Four Past Midnight, Skeleton Crew & Insomnia)

Wealth by bella-elizabetta

Just a Little Too Much?
When one already has 18 million dollars. Yet does not use or share that wealth for good. But says “I just want to make a little more money-lah”. By that same definition, do we really know what are our actual needs & wants? What can we actually do without – things that won’t improve our lives in any visible way other than the immediate thrill of owning it (whatever ‘it’ may be). Knowing clearly what your needs & wants are without over-focusing on paper which we cannot take us when we pass this life.

Aiming for the Best Success
That being said, we (should) aim for the best we can achieve in all we do. To know our goals & set about working towards them. To have faith & belief that everything happens for a reason that we may or may not know. To pick ourselves up whenever we fall & see how we can do better. To constantly evolve & devolve. To constantly be challenged & grow. To spend time positively nurturing not only ourselves but those around us. To use our riches to be the difference.

When Things Inevitably Still Fail
Yet there will be times when things fail. To know that not all our best-laid plans/ideas are meant to be. To know when we need to call it quits as it’s really not in our own best interests in the long-sighted future. That it’s OK to not complete every single thing 100%. And to use our failings as lessons on how to better handle situations, others & ourselves. To appreciate successes & successes disguised as failures. As Emily once said “Falling is easy, picking yourself up again is difficult.”

How can we best use riches (in any form) to make a difference where it matters?

Sex Once it Starts, is Not Supposed to End

Source: Carole Norris Greene, Associate Editor, Faith Alive!

Photo Credit: Making Love by ChenLiTao

It was a compelling delivery given by a youth pastor.

“Sex once it starts, is not supposed to end”, he stressed. It is meant to be ongoing in a committed relationship that has the potential of deepening over time precisely because it is sustained by the grace of God.

The teens expected him to say the last part, but he wasn’t going to let them tune him out.

He asked them: Have you ever wondered why some people go from one sexual partner to another, looking for the exhilaration of their first encounter? Not finding it, they cling to a sort of desperate hope that maybe tomorrow the right person will come into their lives.

But the emptiness is within and not the fault of another, he warned, because sexual activity with multiple partners diminishes one’s capacity to experience the wonder of genuine love.

If a sense of emptiness is the lot of the person who moves from one sexual partner to the next, hoping to find fulfillment, how much deeper will that emptiness be for the one whom another is merely an object of lust void of all dignity?