Wedding Site Soft Launch

Praise the Lord for this blessed day!

We (Vivien & I) are starting this wedding site/blog as of Nov 19, 2011. The initial idea actually came about from one of the two wedding planning books we purchased a couple of weeks back. (We’ll share about this in another backdated blog post).

Viv & I felt that getting a site to document & share our journey towards our day of holy matrimony would be redoubling our joy. Also Viv plans to do wedding planning & counseling after we have kids during their formative years thus this site may serve as a reference.

Viv was smiling away earlier suddenly seeing that I was so into the planning. We had been having a few discussions in the last couple of weeks as we wanted to start planning at least a year ahead (hearing that this was a good rule of thumb). Spent a good part of the morning working on wedding planning while Viv went marketing & prepared lunch.

So to all family, friends & visitors, thank you for dropping by & helping in any way big or small make our wedding planning & upcoming actual celebration an even more memorable, wonderful & blessed one with your (virtual) presence.

Any tips for us as we are starting out with our planning process? Especially in relation to a Malaysian/Penang wedding as the guide books we got are quite Euro-American-General focused.

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On Loving

On Loving

Photo Credit: Love Making by specialsally
Photo Credit: Love Making by specialsally

To care. To feel. To sacrifice.
More than words. More than actions.

What is it to truly say you love someone.
To fall in love with her. And know that you’ll be with her for our lifetimes.

Way beyond puppy love of childhood years.
Many years past crushes & hopeful looks.

Love that is patient. Love that is kind.
Love that is understanding. Love that is divine.

Trusting. Like faith.
Loving. Like being naked.

Baring your heart and soul.
Speaking with honesty despite the difficulty.

To support in different ways. Different times.
To understand even though it’s difficult sometimes.

To reassure her often. And to place her first.
To cherish her. To love her.

How would you define love?

There’s just no i in Mssng You

To her
Photo Credit: Love by jan-ex

Closing eyes we vividly see
The point we met in history

Sharing our hearts, minds & thoughts true
The spark ignites to loving you

Distance, time & challenges faced
We not only passed – it was aced!

Becoming yours & you be mine
Life, love & happiness divine

Around the world in eight days
Nightly across the seven seas

Through storm clouds & choppy water
Through spring autumn magic splendor

A single set of footprints seen
Walking together love serene

Moving forward each passing day
Slowly surely our love to stay

As we put us before own need
With peace & prayer our guiding lead

Thus that’s why this phrase is so true
There’s just no i in mssng you

How would you describe your journey with your significant other?

Life Partners

Had an interesting conversation with an old childhood friend whom I had not seen in quite a length of time as he was out of the country completing his studies & applying for PR abroad as well. He was actually back on leave to plan for his wedding to his longtime sweetheart, and while we chatted, the topic of life partners came up as well…

Apples on a Tree
Like many things in life, we have many choices – including looking for your partner or soulmate to share life with. The saying goes that there are many fish in the sea, flowers in the garden & apples on a tree. So how does one know who is the right person for you & me? Some believe in soulmates – the one & only. While the more pragmatic ones say that the DNA of life allows for many more permutations of people we can be with who fit us glove to hand. Still as most wiser ones would tell you – do take your time to see the world & see more people before making a conscious choice of your life partner.

Howdy Partner!
Unlike the gung-ho anything goes “Hey Partner!” in western serials, choosing a life partner is anything but. What does a partner mean to us? Is it someone to share our life’s trials & tribulations, joys & sorrows with? How does one make a choice of who is going to be the significant person in our lives? Do we make a list with all the criteria we look for? How do we know how much or how little we can accept of someone’s cute flaws that may possibly loom ominous once the proverbial yoke is placed on our back (the wedding ring in other words). Do we & should we at some point settle for less?

Forever & Ever
The union of man & woman is supposed to be for eternal bound. Yet what is the sanctity of marriage in today’s world? Does not tying the knot formally mean that a couple is any less together? And even for those who do get married formally, isn’t ending apart in divorce merely a few (stacks) of paper (and counseling) away? Does staying together & knowing each others flaws prove to strengthen the relationship, or is it merely an excuse to get together for wild raunchy pre-marital sex? How long is forever?

In-Laws & Miscellaneous
By my books, the person I end up with would be the person most important in my life, and I would expect vice-versa. But many of us have many other priorities in life – be it our parents, family, god-mother, career, wealth or friends that we place in much higher priority. Is it possible for things to work out if both have different priorities, despite the said willingness to compromise? How about the factor of mother-in-laws

Growing Old Together
Yet with all that said and all the cold water sloshing around, life partners remain a blessing indeed. To have someone to love, to cherish & to share our life with is one of the best gifts in life itself. To grow old, wrinkled & out of shape, yet share many many wonderful things together – why maybe we’ve found our heaven on earth after all.