Parable of Two Sons

Father and son by ~Gloredel
Photo Credit: Father and son by ~Gloredel

There was once a father who had two sons who he loved very much. He fed them, clothed them and paid for all their needs until they were both grown up.

One day, the father as he was slowly becoming advanced in years, decided to go into business. He used his savings and borrowed from lenders. When more funding was required, he borrowed some money from his two sons as well.

Unfortunately the business failed. But the debts still needed to be paid. Eventually the father paid of all his debts.

However, the eldest son believes that the father should pay interest for the amount owed.

Should the father pay the eldest son as requested
Should it depend on any terms that the father and eldest son had discussed prior
Should the youngest son pay the eldest son the amount owed
Or are there any other alternatives?

Staying Positive

Work has been… challenging of late. But deep down I know that with everyone, we can overcome the current challenges & even become better from the experience. Post Updated: Sep 21
Photo Credit: Positive by insightof

– Listen when others speak, it is important to empathize & understand
– Seek advise when required – counsel makes a good decision even better
– Have an open mind as everything in it has a grain of truth somewhere…
– Listen to your heart, as your subconscious often knows best
– The #1 person who needs to believe in you is none other than yourself

– Face everything with a clear mind; Unclutter, compartmentalize & focus
– Know what’s at stake, this gives you better judgment of the situation
– Remember to focus on people – The human touch is most often most important
– Have faith
– Life’s challenges are there for a reason & you will persevere

Move Forward
– Do not dwell on the past as wallowing or cursing comes to naught
– Be yourself; Don’t let your past experiences be a bitter curse on thyself
– Plan ahead & keep moving forward, else you are falling behind
– Dream, For what is men without dreams & mountains to climb
– The journey of a thousand miles is by placing one step ahead of one step

How did/are you coping with adversity?

Amoral VS Immoral

Reading opens minds. Hopefully for the better.

Rant in response to an irresponsible commentator: Posts are not necessarily my viewpoints. Please read.

Photo Credit: White And Black by david plus 1

The Debate
Both can be said to be without morals. One meaning that one is the anti of morality. While the other implies the “without-ness” of morality & can include innocence. And what one told you that being amoral was actually not wrong? That we actually should be amoral? That we must make decisions with our heads & hearts without being constrained.

Constrained by what others think of us. Constrained by what we have been taught by our elders & teachers is correct. Constrained of being laughed at by others or being taken as a fool. Constrained by being misunderstood. Constrained to avoid appearing impolite or even rude – especially so in a public or business setting.

Yet if being amoral allows us to do what we should without caring what the world thinks. And if our intentions & objectives are good, doesn’t that also mean that being amoral is the best way to pierce through & accomplish things without being shackled by prejudice, culture or other human beings?

Offering the Other Cheek
Have we all grown up believing that those who offer the other cheek are either virtuous or completely stupid? Two ends of the extremes? One side believing that we are pious & just then when slapped we offer the other. And the other side believing that it’s all an eye for an eye & only idiots would do that?

What if that it’s rather the reason or result that matters most? That sometimes offering the other cheek is the right to do to make a statement that of compliance & love. While sometimes we should beat the crap out of the person violently to ensure the person never ever strikes another person again.

The End Result
Is it worth being consciously amoral to achieve the desired end results? How do you control between being detachedly amoral compared to knowing when you are being wickedly evil? Will amorality be the pitch black shining gleaming light that scythes at the shroud of foolish nonsense clearing the way for many great things? Or will amorality be but a tool of evil immorality that deceives & eats away at us?

Have you ever though how does your inner self really looks like?

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Frustrated yet hopeful.


We all have many options in life
And no matter how the wind blows
Or that we may be down & out in our luck
We still have that choice
Of how we think
And how we react

And if you find you have reached pit bottom
Then you know you need to take action
For life is short
And you have many options
Complaining does little to nothing
Take charge and take action