Just a lil F* Up

This post is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Apologies to those who commented in the few prev posts which are no longer visible as some spring cleaning was done to remove posts containing nothing more than fluff. Some other changes as well (Click on the updates tab for more info). It’s been a very long 3 weeks, yet I have this feeling that something good is going to come out of all this in the end.

F*cked up:-
– One-eyed politicians whose dicks get more work than their brains before talking
– Misappropriation of public money on frivolous expenditures with no returns
– Corruption from the big fish to the small fries swimming along in broad daylight
– Political parties with personal agendas & wide-spread racial segregation
– Policies & announcements which on reading or hearing of makes one shake one’s head in disbelieve at the senselessness

– Like most things requires champions & a top-down yet hands-on approach
– Be who you are whether the sun is shining bright or its night & the shades are drawn
– Reward in public, criticise in private (different people require a different approach)
– Leadership is strongly linked with visioning, decisive decision making & energizing others
– Determine the goals, set the KPIs, go & get go!

So what do you thing is the most f*cked up thing around? (yes I’m asking this question with a straight face)


Death and Other

I almost lied. Luckily the coffee (and a long-time friend) dropped into the picture before this rather darker post (although on a note I find it more fascinating than morbid)

So what comes after life? Does one reincarnate or become reborn? Do you go to heaven or hell? Or is there really nothing or purgatory?

Are you deeds of both kind recorded & played back to you like a movie? Are your sins both large & small weighed against a (very heavy) golden feather? Do your actions have an effect of your after/next life?

Has any of these really been proven? Are OBEs really just hallucinations we experience? Or how about those who clinically died but miraculously revived who described the beyond as merely a full stop. Nothing.

Do we argue and theorize? Do we listen to the voice of religion of what to expect? Or do we simply not care or even refuse to even bother thinking about it?

What about the pearly gates or the dark river ride? How does science and our rapidly shrinking earth come into the equation in heaven/hell/other versus the universe? Is death really a state of mind?

Where are the Beans

A slice of clay
by Stev

People motivated by different factors
Away from beans for the first time in years
Sand flowing fast everywhere as usual
Nonsense cloaked in seriousness or vice versa
Another broken piece of china hitting
Time to hold the lock & key near again

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

What If…
You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. A horrendous crime resulting in the lost of lives occur. Yet you had the misfortune of being at the crime scene. You had the woeful luck of being implicated of that crime through a series of bizarre incidents. Unsure of whether you were setup or merely a scapegoat, you are now on trial for murder.

The Court Case
The judicial system is heavily bogged down. Your case takes months and drags past a year. And that is just for the initial hearings itself. And because of the seriousness of the alleged crime, bail is denied and you are to languish in detention for the entire period. And finally the long proceedings of the case is heard and the jury is out deciding your fate.

The Verdict
Guilty!! The words scream through your brain echoing and your body undergoes shocking numbness. How could the water-tight defense fail to save you when all the facts were in your interest. How could the judicial process show you as guilty when you know you are innocent within?

Many thoughts fill your mind and the surroundings become only a static white blur. Will you be proceeding to appeal the decision? Will you be resigned to your fate that because of ill-luck you will be punished? Is it merely a case of bad karma returning? The darkness soon returns and your remaining options are exhausted one by one. You force yourself to get use to the familiarity of lifetime incarceration to keep your sanity.

Many years have passed. The media has all but forgotten about this case with the news constantly being filled with even more new-age modern bizarreness. Yet… yet you are not forgotten by your friends and family. You have not been forgotten by those who trust you and believe in your true innocence. By another twist of fate, a key witness or key clue emerges from unknown sources. And this key is indeed the key to your freedom as it shows without a shadow of doubt that you are innocent. Many years of wrongful imprisonment, before finding yourself free again. Yet without a scar as you have been robbed of many years. Innocently.

How would you deal with all or any of the circumstances above if it were to happen to you?


Our heart starts beating faster. The palpable silence makes every creak, every groan sound eerily dangerous. We feel our sense become heightened somewhat. The heart races continuously. Uncontrollably.

Death stands at the door. Peeking in. You know. You feel it. We try to calm ourselves but it falls far short from helping. We fear the pain & the unknown that possibly accompanies death. We fear losing what we have right now. Even though in retrospect, we often don’t appreciate what we have at the moment enough.

Yes emotions… it whirls around us. Rational thought becomes a labor. We curse our past, our black cat luck & folly at the unfortunate circumstances that have culminated in today. Yet the fear remains. Never far away. Lurking. Waiting. Temporary moments of sanity & clutches of happiness fleet by. Only to be covered swiftly and massively by the dark clouds of fear.

It starts to sink in. And every dark corner hides a fiend from the abyss. Every random passer-by is scrutinized. Fearful of something or someone. Every parked car is peered at – imaginary demons peering back at us from the creavess beneath the seats. It starts to become all consuming…

It’s Only Life
Yet it’s only life. True that it’s largely irreplaceable. Yet once it’s over, it’s over. Fear will be washed away with the peaceful solitude of white linen. Yet perhaps… love… will conquer this fear? The clock ticks on…

What do you fear & have you faced it yet?