Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year

Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year (both 2012 & CNY) to one & all! 🙂
We also have a red-color theme for Christmas

Early Blessed Christmas & New Year wishes in case we don’t get a post in before the 31st

Bless Christmas & Happy New Year!

What do you really, really want for Christmas (other than your 2 front teeth)? ;B

The WriteWrit. Unofficial Party Song

The Writewrit. Unofficial Party Song sung to the tune of well… you know what 😉
About Writewrit: It’s a secret FB group for writers & err… people who read what writers write.

Now comes with *FREE* unofficial Writewrit. header logo!

Writ write, I was going to Bath
Royal way to spend a Friday night
Yeah, lub lub, just wastin time in the hub
Thinkin everything was near right

Well, I stepped out the hub, boot my PC up to write
I pulled my mouse near me
And I opened up a site, and then
Writ write! I jumped back in the hub
Well how was I not to go there with a party goin on?

There was a-writ’in and a-writin
Readin and a-dreamin, Dancin just moon walkin
Vloggin and a-bloggin, damn!


Well-a, boing boing, I saw the whole shebang
Surfin on my iPad screen!
Well-a, lulz lolz, they were flamin the GOP
And all of them had their flamers on

There was MM, ghoip, jeff and bru
Good golly mister sia was a-even there, too!
A-well-a, Writ Writin, I forgot about the Bath
I went and put my sarcasm flamers on, yeah…

There was a-writ’in and a-writin
Readin and a-dreamin, Dancin just moon walkin
Vloggin and a-bloggin, damn!


Writ’in and a writin… ooo!
Yeah, readin and a-dreamin… woo!
Yeah, dancin just moon walkin… talk to me
Vloggin and a bloggin, yay-a-yay-yay

A-readin and a-dreamin
Writ writin, yay…!

I was a-writ’in and a-writin… yeah!
A-writ’in and a-writin… woo!
A-writ’in and a-writin… ha!

Feedback, suggestions & everything includin the bath tub welcome =)

PS. References removed coz it’s more fun that way. Can you spot all the easter eggs?
PPS. Let me know if you want a door pass to the WriteWrit party – you are most welcome!

It’s All About Stev

Bah! Humburger!

That is 'US' as in Stev referring to himself in the plural (Not Uncle Sam)

Other than the site theme update in view of 100… (ahem)… 101 posts, making some minor mods/updates as well. (Kinda feel like I understand car junkies now. keke)


  • Skin update to bananas! (Not that I really love bananas, but just for a change of skin. hah)
  • Sidebar titles update (To show witty Stev & his pun’age)
  • In view of reaching a century, adding in list of 100 definitive posts in the sidebar (WIP)
  • I will be replying to just about every single comment I may have inadvertently missed out previously. I’m sorrrrrryyyy…
  • You now know how to make Banana Shakes. With great power, comes great responsibility.

Dear Discoursers & Discussioners, is there anything in particular you would like to see, do or suggest?
OR you can publicly pledge your support for bananas here 😉

Good Reads 2011

Surprisingly getting starting with a wedding site/blog seems to encourage me to start blogging more again here. hmmm. Also apparently StevBlogs has reached 100! “This is your 100th published post. Wonderful! This post has had 359 words.” Let’s celebrate! (with a new theme XD)

Just to share a (short) list of books which I found read worthy that were read this year
Note: in no particular order though

Joni (An Unforgettable Story; A Step Further) by Joni Eareckson / Steve Estes
How being paralyzed from the shoulder down does NOT mean the end of your life. Simply a humbling, amazing & inspirational RL story of God & God’s plan through us. PTL!

Notes to the Prime Minister by Wong Sulong
All you ever needed to know about Malaysia-Dr. M pulling us out of the 1998 financial crisis. Also a must read before investing in Forex. (Unless you plan to replace invest with gamble :P)

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
The book behind Buffet. Very interesting read although for me was backwards learning from Buffet’s methods. Then now looking at Graham’s. A must read prior to stock/equities investing. Even if you hire a stock broker and/or engage mutual fund consultant. (Unless again you are gambling instead of investing)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki
I’m not really a fan of Kiyosaki. Also naming your pet as your other legal document appointee is a sure-fire way of getting sued/losing your money/property. BUT, the key lessons put across are largely readable. What pushed this into the list for me was the 2 plans model for living comfortably VS living wealthy.

The Toyota Way by Jeffery K. Liker
Lean for all organizations & not only manufacturing companies. Lean is more than tools. Lean is more than Six Sigma, etc. Key concepts:-
– Continuous Improvement (CI/Kaizen): Challenge, Improvement, Genchi Genbutsu (Google it ;))
– Respect for People: Respect, Teamwork

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Lookbook // The Everything Wedding Checklist Book (3rd Ed) by The Knot / Holly Lefevre
After a number of hours at MPH & Borders respectively, this were the best choices in our opinion! 🙂 One for theme/color ideas & the other as a checklist for everything from 12 months away! Also very likely in the list as starting planning for upcoming wedding late 2012 / early 2013 🙂
Read more…

No fiction/fantasy books in the list? Well unfortunately none really made the list for 2011. Or you could count Rich Dad, Poor Dad under fiction 😉

Your must-read recommendation for 2011?

Wedding Site Soft Launch

Praise the Lord for this blessed day!

We (Vivien & I) are starting this wedding site/blog as of Nov 19, 2011. The initial idea actually came about from one of the two wedding planning books we purchased a couple of weeks back. (We’ll share about this in another backdated blog post).

Viv & I felt that getting a site to document & share our journey towards our day of holy matrimony would be redoubling our joy. Also Viv plans to do wedding planning & counseling after we have kids during their formative years thus this site may serve as a reference.

Viv was smiling away earlier suddenly seeing that I was so into the planning. We had been having a few discussions in the last couple of weeks as we wanted to start planning at least a year ahead (hearing that this was a good rule of thumb). Spent a good part of the morning working on wedding planning while Viv went marketing & prepared lunch.

So to all family, friends & visitors, thank you for dropping by & helping in any way big or small make our wedding planning & upcoming actual celebration an even more memorable, wonderful & blessed one with your (virtual) presence.

Any tips for us as we are starting out with our planning process? Especially in relation to a Malaysian/Penang wedding as the guide books we got are quite Euro-American-General focused.

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