(Re)Learning to Say No

I thought I knew how to say no. Yet somehow I find myself saying yes when my feelings and instincts tells me I shouldn’t. Gotta (re)learn more to follow my gut feelings. Hmm…

Photo Credit: Wrong by toyib

An Earlier No Saves a Bucket-full of Hassle
You know that you don’t want to do it. Yet for the sake of face or because saying no appears difficult or because you are doubting yourself, you say yes anyway. Only to later be filled with regret, pain and anguish. This is followed by the need for apologies and an even lengthier explanation on why you said yes in the first place.

Just avoid all this hassle in the first place. Just say no when you know that your true answer is no.

Know Why You Say No
As much as possible, know why you are saying no. Is it that you already have other commitments? Are you stretching yourself too thin? Is it that someone has unrealistic expectations of you?

If that is the case, do go ahead and say no. Then try to explain if the person is willing to listen. Else it’s not much lost anyway.

And at the end of the day you don’t know why you are saying no but merely based on a hunch, go with it. Quite often your sub-conscious knows you better than you think you know yourself.

Saying No in a Polite Manner
As a wise man once said, don’t slam doors shut that one day you may need open. Do maintain politeness, basic courtesy and professionalism no matter the circumstances.

If every single time you say no you end up with a broken relationship, then you’re going to be needing to find many more friends in your life 😉

No is a Liberator
Enough said 🙂

Have you ever found it difficult to say no?