There’s just no i in Mssng You

To her
Photo Credit: Love by jan-ex

Closing eyes we vividly see
The point we met in history

Sharing our hearts, minds & thoughts true
The spark ignites to loving you

Distance, time & challenges faced
We not only passed – it was aced!

Becoming yours & you be mine
Life, love & happiness divine

Around the world in eight days
Nightly across the seven seas

Through storm clouds & choppy water
Through spring autumn magic splendor

A single set of footprints seen
Walking together love serene

Moving forward each passing day
Slowly surely our love to stay

As we put us before own need
With peace & prayer our guiding lead

Thus that’s why this phrase is so true
There’s just no i in mssng you

How would you describe your journey with your significant other?

To Microcosm (or not)

Exactly one month since the last post. Work, life & love have all been busy =)

Anuranjan Bhatia
Photo Credit: Ant Love by Anuranjan Bhatia

Hearts & Minds
Each of us perceives the world as we want it to be perceived. Yet sometimes we react harshly or angrily to the environment, cursing the world, or being downright nasty to people around us. We are human beings who perceive things with our logical minds & illogical hearts. Thus we are fallible in our preconceived feelings & judgment. Yet can we not open our hearts despite all the times we have been hurt before? Can we not try to believe with faith & keep our minds receptive to new input instead of cynically viewing the world against us?

Male VS Female Brain?!
Adding to the complicated jambalaya is the male/female-gender sex divide. Where both sexes in the same species somehow ends up viewing situations differently. For example in a relationship, like how the female actually desires to know more about her significant others day & shares into his life. While the male tries to protect her in his own way by not telling her things trying not to cause her unnecessary worry. (No small wonder that books with mars/venus explanations reach the NY bestsellers list). So with this divide still looming upon us or becoming even more challenging in this new century, how are we actually going to make things better?

All the Small Things
Yet, as is often said, it’s often the small things that count the most. Still a line remains between are you being nitty-picky & overly anal about every single small detail. And the other extreme of the spectrum where everything & anything is perfectly “cool” & “ok” until nothing seems important or relevant anyway. Plus the broad swaths of gray whereby we hover between are we focusing too much on the small details until it affects the big picture OR should we focus on the small details to ensure that it doesn’t adversely affect the overall scheme of things. Can we find that perfect balance of going into detail when needed yet at the same time focusing on the important things?

In any kind of relationship: how, when & should we address something even if minor or trivial?

Like VS Love

A rather whimsical (imho) post, spurred by a question from a couple of close friends while waiting to take a ride on a ferry (which itself was whimsical to do).

Photo Credit: love by ladybirdm

Is it when you find that you enjoy the person’s company? When there is much in common be it activities or things in life in general? When you genuinely admire parts of a person’s character? Does liking someone possibly bring forth the possibility… of something more?

Like VS Love
If like can be realized, then when does it become love? Or proclaimed as such? How does one describe the feeling. Or is it really a verb that one just decides upon? In those veins of thought, can you categorize love? Differentiate love?

Love & Beyond
Would seem to be looking beyond the everyday things which once appeared cute that get annoying really fast. That moves beyond boredom & jealousy into… something more. Comfortable but yet not boring. Moving at different speeds. Yet requiring time, attention & frequent deposits (and withdrawals). A matter of heart & yet very much the mind as well – often at the same time.

How would you differentiate like VS love? And is love a matter of mind or of the heart?