A semi-truthful list of chronological site updates

2012 Dec
4: StevBlogs is back after a year-long hiatus Also Stev’s actual picture is revealed for the 1st time :O

2011 Dec
5: Banana Republic got overthrown by an uprising & was replaced by skeptics. Macro factors of a disgruntled aging population & just for a change!
5: Update: Stickies joined the ruling faction

2011 Nov
26: Wow. It’s been a while huh. List of updates in view of 101st post & new theme! (Read more…)
1: Project shelved. No more (future) mouseover text…

2010 Jul
28: Added photo mouseover text to all posts with photos. Currently done from newest post back to June 2008. Also added Photo Credits (circa 2008) where missing & changed a (very) few photos that did not really add value to the post. Mouseover inspired by webcomic xkcd. If you don’t understand about mouseovers, errr… never mind
26: Some sporadic inspired blogging. Have also been putting up some interesting articles excerpts from the Herald. About page has been updated & there’s even a (copied) poem!

2010 Mar
28: New look to site. Semi-regular blogging to start again. Intermittent though until MBA completion in August. Inactive Chat Room & Random pages taken down.

2009 Mar
27: Postings & blog reading remains irregular due to work & MBA commitments.

2008 Dec
21: Template change to OceanMist. Merry Christmas folks! Postings will remain semi-regular when ideas/time permits due to busyness business 😉

2008 Sep
15: Template changes! Also we’ll be focusing on shorter & concise — yet (hopefully) interesting writing & discussions ahead (it’s a fast paced world we live in after all 😉 Also have dropped the domain redirector used previously (blogroll links need to be updated to stevblogs.wordpress.com)

2008 Jun
10: A different mood. Same person behind though.

2008 Apr
07: Minor updates to About & Random. A couple of template changes here & there from Nov-Apr.

2007 Nov
01: Template, tagline & other site-related changes

2007 Oct
01: No posts in Oct as work is killing me deeply…

2007 July
29: Slight update to tagline; Posts have been more sporadic this month

2007 June
04: We now have a tagline! “On life, love and laughter” (Why? I don’t know…)

2007 May
21: Skin change yet again. Plus some playing around with WordPress. Finally!
13: Lack of blogging-related activities the whole last week. Excuses: crummy home net connection & busy workload. A few posts did not see thing light of day though including a post on respect amp; another post on ‘How to Kill Zombies’
02: Update on Updates, Disclaimer & About

2007 April
25: Theme change from Silver is the New Black 1.0 to Light 1.0 at request of blogders
21: Blog move from Blogspot to WordPress after 5 years of blogging since 2003